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The key realities of the new social economy should help to shed some light on what social media can do for companies. The realities are, its brand new, which means young and untested, its easy and convenient, its fast and up-to-date, and most of all, it’s powerful. Social media is not exactly brand new, however companies using social media for benefits is becoming a new norm. Some companies like Orabrush have used social media purely as a way to create their company and brand. Orabrush is a dental brush that helps remove bad breath. By using YouTube for advertisements and social media outlets as links to the company, Orabrush has been quite successful. Not many companies can say they solely started with social media, for that reason social media economy is brand new. This was all possible because social media is easy and convenient. By simplifying owning a computer and having Internet access, one can use social media to their advantage. Also social media is fat and p-to-date. As long as the moderator is keeping up with trends and posting frequently, then consumers will be entertained or in enthralled with information. However, this should be considered lightly because too much information and crush consumers. Also with constant information streams it’s very easy to lose data fast. With so much stuff coming in and going out it hard to keep an eye on everything so companies should try to focus on key features. Now we’ve reached the most important reality of social media economy. It’s powerful! Like I mentioned earlier Orabrush grew into a company just by using social media. They were successful because they stayed on top of all the information coming and going, and selected key features to work on. But social media is not perfect. A big problem with social media is it’s age. Social media for companies is a fairly new revenue stream for marketers and advertising. This is a problem because there really are no “experts” in this field. Some people may be very well versed with social media but they honestly haven’t had enough time and different experience with success and failure to call themselves experts. The younger generations have had more experience with social media as a fan or follower but none have really used it as a business tool. These are the realities of social media and one thing stands true for social media. Social media is here to stay, the faster companies except that and embrace it, the faster the will make more money.

Marketers actually have some leeway in how they should act in social media. The reason I say this depends on how they want to be perceived in social media. A good rule of thumb is too always be courteous and kind. Marketers can do this by being involved in conversations and answering questions to the best of their ability. But this is just a simple general rule. If the company or marketers want to be perceived as brash and vulgar, then they can do that. It all depends on the audience. For example, Red Bull probably wants to appeal to a younger, faster, more energetic crowd. Red Bull might want to be a hectic crazy social media appearance to appeal to their crowd. In contrast, Pampers diapers are for babies and obviously parents with babies. This social media behavior may want to be extremely clean and easy to use. With new parents desperate for answers and constantly stressed, Pampers needs to be very understanding and polite. Pampers would also want to put in a good layout so it’s not hard to figure out what exactly these new parents need, or like to say. Again though, both companies need to be proactive and show concern no matter the audience. No matter the person, people want to be respected and treated nice. By showing a company cares, marketers can do a lot for their social media brands, no matter the crowd their trying to please.

Skyfall starring Daniel Craig as the world most notorious spy, James Bond, 007, is one of the best bond movies to date. Daniel Craig is at his absolute best and isn’t afraid to show us the darker side of Bond. Judi Dench, “M”, delivers a stunning performance and deserves best supporting actress as such. Like most bond movies, the movie opens to an amazing chase that only Bond can deliver. The places in the movie are beautiful as well. Places like the Grand Bazaar, Shanghai, and London. Javier Bardem is a perfect villain and takes desperation to a whole new level. Bond, always being one step behind Silva (Bardem) must find a way to come out on top. With cutthroat action and some amazing scenes full of gadgetry, Skyfall is the pinnacle of spy movies.  Skyfall will please bond fans and new members to the bond franchise. Skyfall goes back to Bonds roots and exposes his hectic childhood. Skyfall is the first Bond movie where James Bond fakes his death. Bond needed to lie low and take a breather from the demanding life of MI6. Once a tragedy strikes the heart of MI6 Bond is back in business and ready to take on the world. Skyfall is easily in the top ten of Bond films and that’s why Skyfall is a Wicked Pissah Movie

Skyfall is the first major Bond movie to deal with Social Media promotion. There is an official James Bond Twitter account and a Facebook page, which has 99,896 followers and 13,20,307, likes correspondingly. Bond also paired up with several other companies to promote the movie, Brands like Omega Watches, Tom Ford, Aston Martin, Visit Britain, Coca Cola, Heinken, and Sony Electronics. Over the last one month Skyfall has generated over 1.5 million mentions. According to Cision, a social media analytics company.


 The pitfalls of social media for marketers can differ among each group. The strength and understanding of social media must be high for the marketer to be able to use social media to it’s full advantage. If the marketer has little to no knowledge about social media then that particular marketer will not succeed in implementing social media tools. Learning can be difficult as social media as a marketing tool is still relatively knew and not known has been confirmed on the subject. Basic guidelines can apply but overall experiences and how to counter mishaps is still all experienced based. Especially in a cutthroat economy companies do not share experiences and how to overcome pitfalls. The big problem is how new the whole social media system is for marketing. There is very little to explain it all, but several companies have used it to spread like wild fire. In the social media realm, it’s sink or swim. And no one is going to throw you a lift raft.

Wreck-It Ralph is another homerun movie for Disney Pixar. Now it goes without saying that I am a huge Disney Pixar fan and have a soft spot for their movie magic. Most of their movies have enough hidden adult humor that I don’t have to feel too childish when I see these movies in theatre.  Say what you want about other competitors like Dream Works, Universal, Paramount, or Warner Bros. Disney Pixar rules for me and yes, this review will be biased. With that said, Wreck-It Ralph is fantastic movie with a better plot and character development than most movie today.

Pixar just has a way of immersing their audience into their rich colorful worlds. Then with these worlds you fall in love with key characters as if you’ve known them for years. Ralph, the main character, has been doing his job for thirty years and he’s just tired of doing the same old stuff. Ralph is a notorious bad guy, but you root for him the whole movie (and I don’t mean bad guy like Voldemort bad). His sidekick, or the good guy, known as Fix-It Felix Jr. is actually the star of the game. Felix just goes about doing his job year after year just like Ralph, but where Felix gets rewards, Ralph gets a pile of mud. Ralph is fed up with his position he is programmed with and decides enough is enough. This is where the movie takes off as Ralph finds himself in other games that he not programmed for.

The characters though, are just the beginning. With many comical references to retro games, it would seem the present would be lost and drown with corny jokes. Honestly the movie is riddled with puns and “stinkbrain” jokes, but you don’t care while watching. The cornier it is the more enjoyable the movie becomes. This is due in part to Disney’s magic where they can turn the lamest jokes into some of the funniest scenes. The movie is very enjoyable but if I had to say one bad thing about it, I would say this.

The funniest of scenes do occur in the previews yet I still found myself laughing at them even though I knew they were approaching. You can’t help yourself though. With nostalgia running through your veins and the quirky special effects of old games the simplest movement for characters can turn into a riot. With Pixar releasing Brave earlier this summer, I thought they might be all dried up after their crown jewel of Toy Story 3. However, Wreck-It Ralph becomes an instant classic of a heart warming tale that describes the good ‘ol days of yester year. And for that, Wreck-It Ralph is a Wicked Pissah Movie.

Who or what do consumers trust?

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Consumer’s trust is a key element in creating a loyal customer base and a respectable market for your product or service. However, trust is a very hard thing to gain between people never mind between a business and consumer. Businesses have to work even harder to gain the trust of consumers, however once gained, that trust can be used in many various ways. So how can a business gain a consumer’s trust? And who or what do consumer’s trust?

Consumers take various measures when buying and ordering. The same measures are used to gain trust. Do they know this product or service will fill a want or need that consumer has? With trust it may be, can they trust that business to take care of their wants and needs? Clearly for trust to be built there needs to be a relationship between the business and consumer. By building a relationship of care, help, and respect, a business can slowly and gradually gain a consumer’s trust. However a business must know that once this trust is made it’s not final. A consumer may trust a business but that trust can be easily lost. However, this step comes later on in the relationship, much after the relationship is stable. First, lets start with care. If a business cares about its consumer and shows effort in attending to the needs or wants of the consumer, the consumer will take notice. For instance, maybe men want a six bladed razor for shaving, so Gillette would try and answer this the best they can. Maybe by showing reasons why five blades is better, or completing engineering a six blade from scratch would be Gillette approach. By showing concern into what the consumer cares about, shows the company cares. Help would be next. By helping consumer with problems, questions, or even any doubts will help solidify current consumers as well as push some new ones “over the fence.” By helping, a company can be more in tune with their consumer and by answering questions a company can look knowledgeable. Lastly, respect must be given before it can be received. This is true between people as well as for products. Maybe a consumer no longer wants to be apart of a company or business. A company must respect that decision and communicate in a respectful way that they’re sorry they couldn’t offer a better service or product for that particular consumer’s wants and needs. Other loyal consumer will see how respectful that company was and think positively about the atmosphere they are in. It might even, in rare occasions; keep that consumer who thought about leaving. With these three points a company can gain a consumer trust easier than with no effort.

However, some companies have products so good they let the product or service do the talking and just let things happen as they come. Sometimes that can be a very good approach as words can jumble or block what a company is trying to convey. Also talking too much or promoting too much can ruin trust. There is a thing as too much help, and it kills relationships. Keeping thins minimal and correct are always the best routes to go in gaining and maintaining trust.

Social media benefits can be numerous when used correctly. If a company engages correct practice and procedures for example social media best practices, then that company should be successful with social media. How to measure these benefits however is another story. I measure social media benefits in a very specific way. I measure them by putting everything on a scale of excellent to poor. By turning the benefits into a viewable scale, it make it easier to see if social media actually benefitting a company or service. Is there high Internet traffic through your site? Are social conversations positive or negative towards your overall goal? In any situation, when dealing with social media, one question always needs to be answered. What is the overall goal of using a social media outlet? Is it to kick-start a company, keep a good reputation, release cheap easy entertainment, or even advertising? Social media has many applications that can be used poorly or excellently. Again the scale is a prime example of using a scale to rate how your benefits work for a company or service. If conversation are positive and give a good reputation then that would be “excellent.” However, if your advertising is being viewed as negative or not viewed at all, then that would be marked as “poor.” The good thing about social media is within its applications. Not “apps” like phone apps, but rather how it can be implemented. With so many options to use social media, the good thing is, if one fails a company or service can try another one. At the end of the day, social media can be reviewed for success or failure. If a function is doing poorly then it can be eliminated and replaced. The way I measure social media benefits is by using a scale of excellent to poor, however with so many applications to social media, if a function is doing poor it can easily be replaced with another possibility.

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Argo is a movie about a movie. But to leave it there would not do it justice. Argo is far more than that. Set in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Argo was the fake movie that was operated by the C.I.A. in an attempt to save six hostages out of the Iranian Revolution. The movie portrays the side of the story of the survivors and the saviors who risked their lives to escape a war zone. The movie capitalizes on what reporters missed at the time. Seeing as how this was a C.I.A. cover up the mission was not released to the public until 1997 (described in the movie). Argo is the title of a sci-fi thriller in which, fake casting, crew, studio, movie posters and script were all made up. The C.I.A. use this movie, as a cover to infiltrate the war zone that is Iran and the only problem is Iran has to believe it.

IMBD quotes “A dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran.”

The acting, directing and producing done by Ben Affleck redeems all of his pitfalls in previous movie history and is absolutely one of his best performances to date. The rest of a cast is amazing as well, with stars like Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman, just to name a few. Every character has such raw emotion that it make you feel as though you are one of these victim trying to escape. With edge of your seat drama and suspense Argo delivers and delivers big. I hate to commit to a movie, however Argo deserves the title. I nominate Argo to be one the best movies of 2012 and is easily top ten worthy. Argo has stiff competition though with the Avengers, the Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, the Bourne Legacy, and the Hunger Games. (Again just a few that I believe are the top, however they are in no particular order.) There truly is nothing bad to say about Argo, as it is based on real life events and is very hard to find any faults with the movie. I only wish the movie was longer, however with an 120 min play time, the two hours felt nothing like 2 hours. Argo has its place in the history books of the both the American government and the Canadian and is truly a model of human compassion on both sides to do what is right even when it is very hard to do so. Argo now has a place in the movie industry as not the sci-fi action adventure, but rather a miracle when all hope is lost. Argo is and was the light at the end of the tunnel and for that, Argo is a Wicked Pissah Movie!


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When choosing to go in to social media marketers need to n=know various things before making their choice. With top choices like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with out a doubt the top three, social media can have a big input. First, several questions need to be answered to find the perfect social media outlet. Questions like the target audience of your product or service, demographic to reach out to, what will the platform be built on, and how will the social media outlet be operated?

Target audience is key to know is the main attraction for most social media outlets. The three outlets mentioned above have huge audiences can virtually reach almost any age, race, gender, income, location, etc. Some others like LinkedIn, which is a job site, would eliminate the very young and the elderly.. However would have a good attraction to anyone 18-50. If a key group is required to target, for example females 16-30, Pintrest is a relatively new site that ahs captivated much of the female Internet traffic. Target audience and demographic go hand in hand, which helps select a key outlet to use.

Platform is what the social media outlet will be built on. It will also ultimately determine what the outlet will be used for. Is this going to be a conversational spot for a key set of people, where as the public builds the conversations? Or will it strictly be advertising and contest for entertainment. Social media can also be a way to use technical support for some companies. Users may have a question that’s really easy to answer and a personal response can be given through forums and blogs. A platform essentially creates the functional use of what the company is trying to accomplish. It’s the backbone and the companies reasoning for being in social media. Ultimately what the platform is built on will determine how it is operated. Whether it is technical service, conversations with corporate facts for the public, or even promotional use, corporations should benefit from social media wen used correctly.